One powerful tool, Many powerful uses

Increase your show rate, get reviews, communicate with patients.

Send Digital Intake Forms
Send Appointment Reminders
Send Driving Directions
Get Reviews
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Unlimited Texting. Endless Possibilities.

Text from your current business phone #

Use your real business # so your patients know it’s you 😉

Get reviews

Earn a new review in less than 30 seconds by making it simple for patients. Learn more here.

Send appointment reminders & driving directions

Send your patients quick reminders in a method that gets a 98% open rate.

Share photos or videos

Problem solve using photos or videos right through text and save office time.

Digital patient intake form

Completed forms have a show rate of over 95%!
Check out our case study here.




With state-of-the-art private HIPAA compliant server technology, you can review secure patient information in just one click. Easy on you – Safe for them.


Simple for patients

With nothing to download & nothing to print, keeping it simple is what makes it work. Just text or email your link & watch the magic begin. Check out a live version here.


Increase office efficiency

Save 10-15 minutes per appointment in one click. You’ll also be able to check insurance, spot red flags, and start building your patient relationship before they even visit you in person.

Enjoy a 95% show rate 🎉

Documented and tested, the show rate for patients who complete your form prior to visit is over 95%! We’re not saying silver bullet, but… I mean, over 95%!  Check out the case study.

Keeping it safe

Less time in office, fewer items touched, less risk for everyone.


Choose what makes sense for you. It’s all month-to-month either way.