Hearing.io is driven by a family of passionate providers who have dedicated their lives to bringing quality service to thousands of patients every year. For over 70 years, our energy and passion have continued to keep us at the forefront of a constantly evolving industry. What makes us unique is our ability to use our private network of over 65 clinics to test new ideas and innovations. Having this competitive advantage gives us the rare opportunity to discover successful concepts never seen before and refine them accross major markets at breakneck speeds.

Hearing.io is the platform we’ve created to invite you to join that competitive advantage.

Our team comes up with new ideas all the time, but only those that rise to the top are shared with our expanded network. We are proud to think outside the box and bring new excitement into our growing industry. Thank you for visiting Hearing.io and giving our family the opportunity to grow with your family.


Brian Marino


On Your Mark

Secure your place in your market as we continue our expansion throughout 2018. Upon acceptance into our network you will automatically be granted exclusivity for a 5-mile radius around your clinic or network of clinics. We ask at this time to please be patient as we grow and develop new areas.

Get Set

To get you started, an Account Manager will connect with you to explain our program. Our approach is different and was built with you in mind. With our fee for service model we only get paid upon success. You have no upfront costs, risks, or obligations. On average we save our customers around 30% in marketing cost per sale.


Our target is consistency. After you’ve been on-boarded, we will do our best to keep the success going. Our goal is introducing a new way to think about providing service and care. If executed well, you can expect to hear from us with regular frequency as we continue to serve you and your local community.